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Glassjaw1997-03-22USA, New Paltz, NY - Teen Seen B+/A-B+AUDMPG18 minVHS(2)View
Glassjaw1998-12-20USA, Mineola, NY - Deja One B+BAUDMPG29 minVHS(2)View
Glassjaw2000-05-19USA, Bay Shore, NY - The Swingset A-A-AUDMPG45 minVHS(1)View
Glassjaw2000-05-30USA, Wilkes-Barre, PA - Homebase B+B+AUDMPG32 minVHS(2)View
Glassjaw2000-10-01USA, Pittsburgh, PA - Club Laga B+/A-A-AUDDVD38 minVHS(1)View
Glassjaw2001-01-27USA, Old Bridge, NJ - Birch Hill Nite Club A-BAUDMPG44 minVHS(1)Right, On StageView
A-/AA-AUDMPG42 minVHS(1)CenterView
B+A-MIXMPG44 minVHS(1)2-cam mixView
Glassjaw2002-05-01USA, Chicago, IL - Fireside Bowl B+B+AUDMPG39 minVHS(1)View
Glassjaw2002-05-23USA, Seattle, WA - Graceland BB+AUDMPG41 minVHS(3)View