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Video Rare Trades Only 2014-09-16 21:48:41 2020-03-01 18:55:47

Killswitch Engage


Belgium - Meerhout
Groezrock 2013
Impericon Stage

Version: 2-cam mix


01. Intro
02. The Hell in Me
03. A Bid Farewell
04. Fixation on the Darkness
05. The New Awakening
06. Life to Lifeless
07. No End in Sight
08. This Is Absolution
09. All We Have
10. Rose of Sharyn
11. Take This Oath
12. In Due Time
13. My Curse
14. The End of Heartache
15. My Last Serenade


57:00 min
1x Blu-ray Disc
2x Panasonic HDC-TM700E -> 2x .MTS file -> mixing in Vegas Pro 13.0 and adding external audio from Zoom H1-> 1 .M2TS file -> authoring in MultiAVCHD -> Blu-ray
Cam Mix
1080p HDTV
Ansem (left), Reminho (right)


2-cam mix of Reminho his source (right) and my source (left).
See the separate show pages for more screenshots from both sources.

There are 4 audio selections: external audio from Zoom H1, cam audio from both camera's and an audio mix of those three sources. Thanks to Reminho for the external audio.

Great concert and recording with good quality.
Heavy lightshow which is a bit annoying to watch at times.


Youtube Samples

Take This Oath